Deep Clean

  • Professional deep cleaning removes dirt, grime & allergens from wood grain

Deep Clean & Sanitize

  • Professional deep cleaning using powerful cleaning and extraction equipment, along with sanitizer to eliminate bacteria

Deep Clean, Sanitize & Polish

  • Professional deep cleaning with industry-leading equipment & green-certified, fast-drying cleaner
  • Remove dirt, grim, particles & allergens from down into wood grain
  • Sanitize to eliminate bacteria
  • Durable polish that provides a protective barrier and brings out the beauty of your floors

Wood Floor Cleaning

The Facts About Wood Floors

  • A major investment within your home
  • Durable and long-lasting, with proper maintenance
  • Dirt, grime and other particles stuck to the floor can cause damage
  • Allergens and bacteria can get into the grain of wood

Why Choose Chem-Dry

Chem-Dry Wood Floor Cleaning

DIY Mopping

Cleaning Agent

Green-Certified Solution - safe & non-toxic

Soap or detergent - often contains harmful chemicals & leaves a dirt-attracting residue


Industry-Leading Machine - counter-rotating brushes penetrate wood grain

Mop & Bucket

Quality of Cleaning

Deeper Clean - removes dirt, grime & allergens from wood grain

Surface Cleaning - doesn't penetrate wood grain

Water Usage

Minimal Water - protects wood from damage

Excessive Water - can soak into wood & cause damage such as buckling


Powerful Vacuum - extracts moisture, dirt & contaminants, leaving floor nearly dry

No Vacuum - dirty water & contaminants remain on floor and in crevices


Professional Grade - eliminates bacteria on the surface & in the wood grain, leaving home healthier

Over-the-Counter - less effective


Professionally-Applied - longer-lasting polish that leaves a protective barrier & beautiful shine

Self-Applied - typically doesn't last as long or provide as much protection, risk of uneven application

Our Cleaning Process

Thorough Inspection
  • Inspect condition of floors, including any scratches and blemishes
  • Determine if floor has an acrylic coating
  • Our process not recommended for; deep scratches, gouges, discoloration, stains, bare wood floors
Polish & Acrylic Coating Removal
  • Remove any floor polish or acrylic coating
Deep Cleaning
  • Clean wood floors using our specially formulated, green-certified cleaner
  • Removes dirt, debris and contaminants, leaving floor clean and streak-free
  • Sanitizer can be applied to eliminate bacteria on the surface and in the wood grain
Hard Wood Floor Polish
  • Once floor cleaned and sanitized, a polish can be applied
  • Provides a beautiful shine plus an additional protective layer to prevent future damage
Don’t Wait to Have Your Wood Floors Cleaned!

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