How to Take Care of Leather Furniture

Leather furniture pieces are beautiful, and they’re also often costly investment pieces. You want to make sure to take the best care of your leather furniture so that they will last as long as possible. How do you go about that? Here are our best leather furniture cleaning tips from our upholstery experts.


Put Your Furniture in the Right Place

How to take care of leather furniture

Did you know that your leather furniture belongs in certain places? You should never use leather furniture outside unless it is specially designed as outdoor furniture. Leather furniture should also be kept out of really damp places, such as bathrooms. In addition, leather furniture should be kept out of sunlight, even through the window. Be sure to position your leather furniture away from direct window light, or be sure to keep your windows closed when you’re not in the room. Otherwise, the sunlight can cause your leather to fade.

Keep Your Leather Clean

One of the advantages of leather furniture over other upholstery types is that it can be much easier to clean up spills. However, that doesn’t mean you can be lazy with your leather furniture. Water and other wet spills are easy to wipe up quickly before they soak into the leather, but can cause damage if left to sit on the leather. Use a damp rag to wipe up any spills. Avoid using chemical cleaners, as they can damage the leather.

Dry spills also pose a threat to your leather. Dry crumbs rubbed into the leather can actually scratch it, so be sure to clean up any kind of spill right away.

Take Care of Damage

Leather is fairly easily scratched. These scratches can greatly diminish the appearance of your leather furniture, but they aren’t necessarily permanent. There are filler products on the market, but you should test those in an inconspicuous place on your furniture to be sure that they make the color of your leather and doesn’t damage it.

If you are wanting the most successful care of your leather’s scratches, it’s best to reach out to the professionals. Chem-Dry professionals can match your leather to fill scratches and nicks in the furniture.

Get Your Leather Cleaned

Part of taking care of your leather is getting it cleaned. Your leather furniture picks up all of the oil from your skin and dirt, germs, and dust from everyday use. To avoid these from discoloring your leather, you need to get them cleaned. Make sure that you chose a furniture cleaner who has experience treating leather, because leather is different and requires different care from other types of upholstery.


With the proper care and treatment, your leather furniture can withstand everyday wear and tear and look great for years to come. Protect your leather by following these easy tips.