How to Protect Your Carpet From Stains

Carpet is a valuable investment. You probably have it in many of the rooms in your home, and you use it literally every day. Unfortunately, carpets are one of the most often spilled on and otherwise stained surfaces in our home. Staining is unsightly, and can greatly diminish the value of your carpet if you ever want to sell your home. Plus, the appearance of your carpet can affect your enjoyment of your home, as well as your guests’ comfort in your home and their opinion of you.

It may seem like there isn’t much that can be done about stains, but that’s not the case. While a tough set-in stain can likely only be removed by a carpet cleaning professional, many stains can be prevented before they turn into stains. Here are our best anti-stain tips:

how to protect your carpet from stains

Stop Stains at the Door

One of the biggest sources of stains and marks in your home is dirt brought in on shoes. You might not notice it at first, but over time dirt will build up, causing dark marks in the high traffic areas. Once the dirt has built up to visible levels, it’s hard to remove. In order to prevent this, you need to stop dirt at the door, literally. Enforce a no shoe rule in your home. It may seem difficult at first if you are used to wearing your shoes in the house, but eventually, it will become second nature to remove your shoes as soon as you walk into the house. Your carpets will thank you for making the effort!

Make Spills Easier to Clean Up

Not all stains are caused by dirt. Many stains are caused by spills on the carpet. These spills can include food, drink, paint, ink and many other materials. Depending on the type of material, these spills may be difficult to clean up. Liquid spills will soak into the carpet fibers and become a stain before you even notice the spot. However, there is a secret to prevent spills from becoming permanent stains so quickly. It’s called carpet protectant, and it’s a standard in most new carpets. However, the carpet protectant that comes with new carpet wears out with use and needs to be reapplied. A carpet professional can apply a layer of protectant that will act as a barrier between your carpet and any spills. This protective barrier makes it easy to wipe off stains before they even reach your carpet fibers. If you let spills sit for too long they will eventually become stains, but protectant allows you time to clean spills before they permanently set into your carpet.

Keep Food Away From Carpets

Another way to prevent stains is to keep anything that can cause a stain away from your carpets in the first place. The biggest culprit of carpet stains is food and drink, so making a rule to keep food and beverages in the kitchen and dining room can make a big difference in the amount of stains that your carpet sees. If this rule feels too restrictive, consider only allowing adults to eat outside of the dining room. Have young children use sippy cups that can’t spill when they are drinking outside of the kitchen. Anything you can do to keep food away from your carpets is helpful.


Carpet stains may seem like a fact of life, but they don’t have to be! If you take these proactive steps, you can greatly reduce the number of carpet stains in your home.